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Cliff Bleszinski Turned Down Chance to Work on Silent Hills With Hideo Kojima

Konami’s Silent Hills may have never come to pass, but Hideo Kojima and Guillermo del Toro’s horror reboot continues to intrigue long after it got the axe. 

Now, Gears of War and LawBreakers Game Director Cliff Bleszinski has revealed he was once offered the chance to collaborate with Kojima on Silent Hills, and though he was “flattered” by the proposition, Bleszinkski ultimately declined. 

Per Twitter. 

It’s unclear at which stage of development Kojima approached Bleszinski about working together, nor whether cinematic maestro Guillermo del Toro was already on board at the time. Even still, it’s another fleeting indication of what could have been had things panned out differently for Silent Hills

Cliff Bleszinski is currently heading up PC free-to-play shooter LawBreakers at Boss Key Productions while Hideo Kojima, fresh off a tour of Sony’s first-party studios, is taking point for the PS4 debut of Kojima Productions. 

[Source: Twitter]