Plants vs Zombies Garden Warfare 2 Devs Detail Character Importing, XP & Progression

In a recent Live From PopCap, the developers showed off how to import characters from Plants vs Zombies Garden Warfare into Plants vs Zombies Garden Warfare 2. Beginning at 0:45 of the above video, importing is done by simply booting up the disc, selecting import when the prompt appears, then the game will automatically scan your profile and add them to Garden Warfare 2.

PopCap also showed some split-screen gameplay on Lunar Landing:

Over on the Garden Warfare 2 website, PopCap revealed that you’re always earning coins and XP in the game, whether you’re playing in a multiplayer match, the Backyard Battleground, or solo play. As they go on to explain, each character earns XP independently of the others, the fastest way to level up is by visiting the Quest Board in your Backyard Battleground, and your own player rank can hit a maximum of 100 before prestiging:

Earning XP Across Characters

Whatever and wherever you’re playing, you’re earning experience for your characters. Each character earns XP independently of the others, too. So, if you’re playing Kernel Corn, you’ll earn experience to advance Kernel Corn, specifically. The more you play each character, the more XP you’ll gain to unlock new upgrades and new ways to customize how they play.


You can level each character up to level 10, but the fun doesn’t end there. After you reach that cap, you can promote your character up to five times in the stats room. This resets them back to Level 1 and gives them a cool new title. They’ll also get a new plaque and players will be able to see your accomplishments on the tombstone when you vanquish them. Which, really, is the best kind of bragging rights, isn’t it?

The Quest Board

If you’re looking to level your characters up quickly, the best thing you can do is to visit the Quest Board in your Backyard Battleground. Pick up quests to complete, and get them done. When you complete a quest, you’ll increase your experience multiplier, which means even quicker advancement. There’s a ton of Quests, too, including some specifically for the Backyard Battleground and for multiplayer. No matter what area of the game you feel like playing at any given time, you’ll be able to complete quests progress.

Player Rank

So, you can advance your characters levels, but what about yourself? Each time you level up a character, you’ll also increase in rank, too. You can achieve a maximum Rank of 100 while playing, but much like your characters, when you reach that level, you’ll reset back to Level 1 and earn a brand new rank plate. There’s no better way to show off your accomplishments and prestige in-game.

Plants vs Zombies Garden Warfare 2 releases on February 23 in North America and February 25 in Europe for PlayStation 4, Xbox One, and PC.

[Source: Plants vs Zombies]