EA Published Unravel “Because They Really Cared About It,” Says Game Creator

Martin Sahlin, Creative Director at Coldwood Interactive and the man behind Yarny, has rubbished claims EA published Unravel for financial gain. 

Reflecting on the game’s early foray into the market, Sahlin spoke to Gamingbolt about the low-key nature of the cutesy platformer, along with pitching the game to EA. 

“Well, they sort of are [focused on the AAA experience]- or they have been. But they’ve also been working really hard to change the direction for the company, and try to do more creative things, more experimental and interesting things. We pitched Unravel to them, and it basically turned into them pitching EA to us, and talking about how they want to turn things around, how they want to do things differently, and how they really cared about projects like this.”

With such a vast collection of IP and sport franchises, on paper Unravel is something of an anomaly when set against EA’s other AAA series. That’s something that Sahlin reiterates further in the interview, noting that the mega-publisher supported the game “because they really cared about it.” 

“[EA were] really honest about saying that they didn’t need our game to make money- because they are already making money. But they needed our game because they really cared about it, and they thought it was really cool- a really cool concept, a great theme for the game.”

Unravel is available for PlayStation 4, Xbox One and PC. For more on Coldwood’s platformer, check out our own review

[Source: Gamingbolt]