New No Man’s Sky PS4 Gameplay Revealed

To go along with the No Man’s Sky release date announcement of June 21 and Limited Edition reveal today, Access PlayStation uploaded a new gameplay video, offering up some new PlayStation 4 footage from the recent hands-on event.

With gameplay beginning at :30, you’ll also hear Hello Games’ Sean Murray talk about the game. “There’s a weird thing which is: most of the time when we’ve had the opportunity to show the game, it’s been at these amazing things like E3, on-stage,” he said after host Hollie said No Man’s Sky finally feels like a beautiful, limitless game. “And it’s really hard in something like that to go, ‘Hold up everyone, I’m going to show you the inventory UI screen.’ But that to me is really exciting; this is how you upgrade your weapon. But it’s probably not the right moment [to show it].”

GamesRadar also uploaded a continuous six-minute gameplay video with commentary from their thirty minutes of hands-on time:

Pre-orders are showing up at various retailers, with GameStop exclusively offering a bonus of the Rezosu Z65 multi-tool (comes with the plasma upgrade pre-installed), the Upgraded Alpha Vector Ship, and 10,000 units so you can buy faster ships, better weapons, or exotic resources.