Shuhei Yoshida Sees Netflix Being on PlayStation VR, Says Some Launch Games Will Be Delayed

Speaking with Digital Spy recently, Sony Worldwide Studios President Shuhei Yoshida discussed the PlayStation VR launch lineup, which includes PlayStation VR Worlds from Sony London Studio.

According to him, smaller games, like The London Heist included in PlayStation VR Worlds, could become a  larger experience one day. “It’s something we might pursue after the launch with some of the shorter games, especially The London Heist,” he said. “It has attracted lots of fans from the entertainment industry, like Sony Pictures.”

During the PSVR announcement, Sony revealed that they expect 50 games to hit the device by the end of 2016. However, Yoshida says some of those games will be delayed:

50 is the list of games that we are tracking in all regions, so the developers and publishers can say we are trying to release them in this timeframe. We just counted all the games from third parties and first party and found 50 games planned for release by the end of this year.

It’s a bit too many, possibly – but some games will be pushed out [of that window]. What I’d really like to see, seriously, is that six months to a year after the launch, the developers who invested in making great VR games are able to recoup their investment and continue making new games. That’s the biggest test we have to pass.

After Digital Spy brought up the Netflix VR viewing app on Samsung’s Gear VR headset, Shuhei said, “Oh yes, absolutely,” when asked if he saw it being added to PSVR one day. When the question of being able to watch a film in a variety of environments – such as a log cabin or on a beach – was brought up, Yoshida replied by revealing that third-party apps will be announced closer to launch in October:

We believe that’s a really important part of the entertainment experience that PSVR has to deliver. We are working with potential partners in that area, we’re just not ready to announce who will bring their apps to PSVR yet. We will do that soon before the launch.

Also, while it’s just a tech demo now, the Social VR experience Sony showed off puts four people in the same virtual space and operates as a big chat room, allowing you to see other people’s avatars, movements, hand gestures, and voices.

“We haven’t decided what we’ll do with it yet. It’s a tech demo now, but we see huge potential in that social interaction as well,” he added. “We’re so excited as it’s super fun to be in the VR space with other people – we may continue to develop as a demo or we may make it more.”

He concluded by saying any online game could have this kind of interaction, such as while you’re waiting in a matchmaking lobby.

[Source: Digital Spy]