Mass Effect: Andromeda Gameplay Footage Leaks Out, Shows Jet Pack Action

While some Mass Effect: Andromeda details have leaked online courtesy of a survey from EA, we now have something much, much more. 

Spotted by NeoGAF user Taker34 who claims the footage was from a “website of a certain developer who is currently working on Andromeda,” the footage shows gameplay with the highlight of the video undoubtedly being the new jet pack mechanic that lets players fly up for a short burst. Watch the video above, but make it fast! EA is taking them down quick.

In case that gets take down, here’s a couple of .gifs to show you how the jet pack mechanic works, as well as our first look at a krogan.


According to reliable industry insider shinobi of NeoGAF, the footage we’re seeing now is from an old 2014 build and that Mass Effect: Andromeda “doesn’t look like this now.” Speaking of which, don’t be surprised if the final game looks far off from what we see here since it’s obviously from an earlier build and whatnot.

Regardless of what build this is, I think Mass Effect fans (like me) are just thankful that we’re getting more details from the game — albeit, unofficially and via leaks. 

What do you think of Andromeda’s jet pack gameplay mechanic? Let’s hope BioWare and EA releases official Mass Effect: Andromeda gameplay soon.

[Source: NeoGAF]