PS4 Firmware 3.50 Hidden Features Unveiled, Include Party Member Limit and USB Media Player

Weighing in at just under 300MB, Sony officially rolled out the PlayStation 4 system software update 3.50 earlier this week, heralding the arrival of PC/Mac Remote Play, friend notifications and the ability to appear offline. 

How and ever, the firmware update boasts a handful of hidden features that the publisher didn’t draw much attention to.

First spotted via Reddit, we outlined said bells and whistles in our most recent episode of Quick Tips, and they include a feature that allows PS4 users to limit the amount of party members from two to eight, to the somewhat surprising return of the console’s USB media player. 

Here’s the official lowdown:

  • You can disable the screenshot on-screen notification (in Settings under Notifications), allowing you to take multiple screenshots in a row without seeing the pop-up (but still get the sound).
  • In Live from PlayStation, you can now search the games list and pin up to three games to the top.
  • The USB music player is back.
  • You can set a party member limit, from two to eight players.

Did you spot any of the hidden features included in PS4’s firmware 3.50 update? Let us know below. 

[Source: Reddit]