Report: Dutch Retailers Doubtful About Restocking PlayStation Vita

Retailers in the Netherlands reportedly seem doubtful about restocking their shelves with Sony’s PlayStation Vita, leading many to wonder if the company is planning to cease shipment in the country. The situation was brought to light by a Dutch publication (via NeoGAF),, which claims that it’s hard to find the handheld in stock and when retailers are asked if they’ll be restocking, their response isn’t too reassuring. 

The website further claims that when it contacted Sony Benelux for a statement, the company said that it has “nothing to say” on the matter. also notes that one of Netherlands’ biggest online retailer,, is currently the only one with two PS Vita units in stock.

We’re treating this as a report because Sony hasn’t made an official statement confirming anything but do our readers think the company might be planning to end shipment in the country? Let us know your thoughts in the comments section below.

[Source: via NeoGAF]