Report: Sony Bend’s PS4 Game Titled Dead Don’t Ride

Dead Don’t Ride is the title of Sony Bend’s yet-to-be-announced PS4 game, according to renown Twitter sleuth Shinobi602.

It’s a title that has been doing the rounds for some time, too, after Sony’s Arran Green registered a domain bearing the same moniker two years ago. 

Now, Shinobi602 alleges that Dead Don’t Ride is an apocalyptic title that features themes of the undead. 

Indeed there have been reports Sony Bend’s in-development title is an open world horror game, which would align with Shinobi’s claims. The industry expert has been right in the past, of course, but it’s still worth taking this one with a grain of salt until we learn more from the horse’s mouth. 

While a reveal appeared to be set for PlayStation Experience 2015, all signs now point to Sony Bend showcasing its PS4 debut during E3 2016. 

[Source: Twitter via Push Square]