PS4 RPG Lichdom: Battlemage Labelled “Worst-Performing Game” Digital Foundry Has Ever Tested

First-person RPG Lichdom: Battlemage hasn’t enjoyed the smoothest of launches across PS4 and Xbox One, with a Digital Foundry analysis revealing that at times the port dips to 10fps on Sony’s console. 

Averaging 15fps throughout, Digital Foundry even goes so far as to say that Lichdom is “the worst-performing game [we’ve] ever tested.” That’s pretty damning, considering past videos have cast light on Broforce, The Last Tinker and Assassin’s Creed Unity.

DF’s play-by-play breakdown above spotlights that nauseating stuttering effect, rendering Lichdom practically unplayable. And in their report, well, the technical experts don’t pull any punches. Here’s an extract:

You may not be familiar with Lichdom: Battlemage, but after reading this, you may not be able to forget it either. Lichdom is a console port of a two-year-old PC game that also happens to be one of the worst performing console games we’ve ever tested. We’ve run through the likes of Broforce, The Last Tinker, Assassin’s Creed Unity and even Shadow of Mordor on PlayStation 3 – but nothing quite matches what we’re witnessing here.

Lichdom: Battlemage launched for PlayStation 4 earlier this week in North America, while those in Europe received the console port today, April 22. 

[Source: Digital Foundry via Eurogamer]