May PlayStation Plus Title Table Top Racing: World Tour Includes a Platinum Trophy

May 2, 2016Written by Jason Dunning

Releasing tomorrow in North America and Europe for PlayStation 4, with PlayStation Plus members able to download it for free, Table Top Racing: World Tour includes a Platinum Trophy, Exophase reveals.

Featuring a total of 31 Trophies, the Gold and Silver ones require you to win 20 multiplayer matches, collect all the hidden coins, win every event, fully upgrade the cars, and more:


  • Dominator! – Win every original Championship event!
  • Gold! Always Believe In Your Soul! – Win every original Special Event!
  • ERMAHGERD!!! Midas in da House! – Win gold trophies on all original championships.
  • Gold Standard – Collect all the hidden Gold coins
  • Crush Your Enemies! – Win 20 Multiplayer Races


  • Cult Friction Baby! – Win all the original Cult Classics Championships
  • Pedal To The Metal! – Win all the original Street Racers Championships
  • Gumball Awaits You Sir! – Win all the original Supercars Championships
  • Museum Standard – Fully upgrade all Cult Classics
  • Owners Club President – Fully upgrade all Street Racers
  • Prof. Of Pimpology! – Fully upgrade all Supercars
  • Pimped That Ride! – Fully upgrade a car
  • A Wheel For All Occasions – Purchase all wheel upgrades
  • Silver Spoon – Collect all the hidden Silver coins
  • WWW.INNING!!! – Win your 1st Multiplayer Race

Asked on Twitter about console and PC cross-play in World Tour, developer Playrise Digital said, “We might look into that at a later date but not for launch.”

As for another May 3 new release, Shadow Complex Remastered also includes a Platinum Trophy. The three toughest Trophies will have you beating the game 100% in under two hours on any difficulty, beating the game 100% in under three hours on insane, and beating the game at 4% with only the Flashlight, Backpack, Grenade, Foam, and Missile.

Neverending Nightmares, meanwhile, launches tomorrow on PS4 and PS Vita with just four Trophies: three Gold and one Silver.

[Source: Exophase, Playrise Digital]