Battleborn Hotfix Makes the Prologue Mission Replayable, First Full Patch Coming Soon

After receiving lots of feedback from players about the Mellka prologue mission in Battleborn, developer Gearbox released a new hotfix, allowing everyone to replay the mission and re-watch the opening cinematic:

You loved playing the prologue mission with Mellka, but some people wanted to replay it more than once. Done! Some of you also said you want to re-watch the intro cinematic. No problem! Thanks to SHiFT, we are able to push quick hotfixes into the game at virtually any time. So starting this morning, you can now play the opening of Battleborn as many times as you like – or skip past the cinematic during the replay it if you’d rather get right to the action.

The hotfix also increased Surrender Time to Vote window from 30 seconds to 60 seconds, and decreased Surrender Revote time from three minutes to one minute.

There’s a team at Gearbox and 2K dedicated to improving Battleborn, so if you have any feedback about the game, they want to know.

Weekly balance updates and content patches are also in development, with the first content patch “coming soon” (it’s still in development and has to go through first-party certification before release). The patch will include a fix for Marquis standing in the back of the map and picking away at a Sentry’s shields.

To get some free skins, enter this code in the SHiFT section of the Extras menu: SWKTB-356W6-XC5RJ-XK6T3-HJ333.

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