Metal Gear Solid V Update 1.12 Makes Improvements to Metal Gear Online

Available on PlayStation 4, PlayStation 3, Xbox One, Xbox 360, and PC, Metal Gear Solid V: The Phantom Pain update 1.12 adds new content and features to both the main game and Metal Gear Online.

Reportedly ranging in size from 91MB – 595MB, depending on your platform, here’s what Metal Gear Solid V update 1.12 brings to Metal Gear Online:

Unique Characters

  • Quiet can no longer be interrogated.


  • Rank increase and decrease are now displayed in the mission results: On the result screen after the end of a mission, each player’s noted increase or decrease in rank will be displayed with an icon on the scoreboard.The more arrows displayed next to the icon, the greater the increase or decrease in rank since this mission.


  • Score has been adjusted for each mission.
  • Assist score will no longer be granted when woken up by a comrade after putting yourself into sleep or stun status.

Damage Adjustments

  • Increased damage output from the SVG-76 and M2000-D.
  • Reduced the knockback and firing rate of the URAGAN-5.
  • Increased stamina damage when landing onto enemy players from a height.
  • Reduced stamina damage from cardboard box attacks and low kicks.

Balance Adjustments

  • DEMOLITION+ Lv.2 will no longer trigger a thrown weapon to drop when killed by a knife.
  • After diving, there is now a delay before you can dive again.
  • Sprint duration is now temporarily reduced after diving.
  • Crawling out of a cardboard box when prone will no longer produce noise.


  • Each player’s network connection quality will now be displayed: Player network connection quality (up to 4 levels) will now be displayed on the scoreboard during a match.
  • Team creation in AUTOMATCH will now be prioritized for balanced number of players across both teams over preset party on a single team.
  • The Rush Mode option is now removed from the mission selection screen in AUTOMATCH (except Xbox360): Rush Mode will now occur in random frequency
  • A combat log will now be displayed when a player is fulton saved or woken up from sleep or stun status by an ally.
  • The time bonus XP for the SABOTAGE mission has been adjusted
  • Fixed a bug where hang up would happen during the application boost (Xbox One only)
  • Reduced frequency of disconnections when playing SURVIVAL
  • Fixed a bug where a portion of other player’s stats would not consistently display properly

Konami knows this isn’t a big update, adding that 1.12 is “mostly designed to refine and improve upon the newly added features.” They know there’s more to be done to improve the game, so they ask you to keep the feedback coming.

And here’s what changed in The Phantom Pain:

New Online Development items added!

  • SNEAKING SUIT Security Guard Stealth Camo
  • UA-DRONE Battery Vaporizer-Equipped UAV
  • FOM DECOY Dummy Field of Movement Emitter
  • FB MR R-L FLTN Falkenberg Multi-Role Recoilless Rifle (Fulton Warheads)
  • TORNADO-6 Revolver
  • UN-AAM-NL Non-Lethal Machine Gun
  • Note: New Online Development items added in this update will be unlocked one by one after maintenance periods in the weeks to come.

Dispatch your forces to assault FOBs and aid your infiltration!

  • This new feature allows you to dispatch a strike force to an FOB ahead of your infiltration, to knock out security devices or eliminate guards.

Added information on Short Leagues to PF Rating screen.

  • In addition to the virtual league battles held on a weekly basis, you can now participate in special short leagues that last just one day. Also, the PF Rating screen will now show your PF’s stats in greater detail, so be sure to check it and see how your day-to-day actions are strengthening your force!

New soldiers arrive with unique new skills!

  • The new skills in this update are perfect for getting a major boost to your PF Rating. Find and extract soldiers with these skills to make your force stronger than ever!

Special online-only tasks added to the Challenge Task list!

  • “Challenge Tasks,” the special achievements that offer rewards for each one completed, now include online-only tasks! There are all kinds of tasks to try, from simple feats that can be completed with ease, to massive undertakings that will keep you trying for hours. Online Challenge Tasks will be added/changed as time progresses, so be sure to check out the latest challenges and try those you think you can achieve!

Other update details

  • In addition to the above, a number of small refinements and bug fixes have been applied.

What do you think of the May update?

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