Nolan North: “I Would Certainly Come Back” for Uncharted 5


Uncharted 4: A Thief’s End may be Naughty Dog’s final game in the series, but if Sony decides to go with another developer for a possible Uncharted 5, star Nolan North told Vulture that he’d be a part of the new game:

Depending on how much money this game makes, Sony might want to do another one with another studio. And I would certainly come back.

The Vulture article also looked back on the development of Uncharted 4, mentioning North’s quote that “we had shot eight months of [motion-capture for Amy Hennig’s] story, and it was all thrown away” after she left Naughty Dog. There was also a story about how Creative Director Neil Druckmann wanted to kill Elena in Uncharted 2, which he says is true: “I was pushing for that, but it wasn’t my call. So now everyone thinks, ‘Oh my God, Neil is going to kill Elena?’”

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Druckmann talked about his favorite part of Uncharted 4:

Close to the end, a character is talking to another about one thing. But there’s something very different on their mind, and they’re being jokey in the conversation, but as soon as they’re left alone, there’s a split-second where they look over their shoulder, and you see them having to let go. That really resonates with me.

Uncharted 4 Co-Writer Josh Scherr and Druckmann also revealed that a boat-chase sequence from the middle of the story was moved to the beginning of the game when they realized it needed a ‘grabbier’ cold open.

[Source: Vulture via Gaming Bolt]