GameStop: Overwatch Sales “Exceeded Our Expectations”

Thanks in large part to the retail version being made available a day early, GameStop COO Tony Bartel has revealed that week-one Overwatch sales “exceeded expectations.”

Word comes by way of GameStop’s quarterly financial call, where Bartel noted that Blizzard’s hero shooter enjoyed “a very strong launch” at the retailer. 

Bartel didn’t disclose exact figures, nor how those sales were divided across each platform, but further in the report the executive championed Blizzard’s decision to release Overwatch a day early at retail as a “very progressive move.”

Overwatch launched for PS4 earlier this week and – surprise! – we love it. If you’re struggling to gain a foothold in Blizzard’s online shooter, the studio has rolled out 21 helpful tips to help you get started. 

What do our readers make of Overwatch‘s strong debut at retail? Indeed did you pick up the physical version of the game?

[Source: Seeking Alpha]