Akiba’s Trip Successor Akiba’s Beat Revealed

Developer Acquire has announced plans to continue its Akiba series with Akiba’s Beat for PlayStation Vita and PS4.

More details and images are said to be coming in the June 2 issue of Weekly Famitsu magazine.

The original Akiba’s Trip was for PSP and never left Japan; it’s also sitting there on my shelf still unplayed because I am a piece of shit. The second game, Akiba’s Trip 2, was renamed Akiba’s Trip: Undead and Undressed when XSeed — sometimes called “based motherfuckin’ XSeed” — published it in the west.

The game’s official website currently has a countdown ticking away the time until the full reveal.

It should be noted that this is, of course, currently confirmed for Japan only, as is the case with most brand new game reveals. If publisher XSeed plans to bring this to the west, or if another publisher jumps in out of nowhere, or if the game sprouts limbs and just decides to fucking swim across the ocean and also learn English at the same time… we will let you and The Scientists know immediately.

[Source: Famitsu]