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E3 2016 – Death Stranding Isn’t in Full Production yet, Could Be Considered an Action Game

Despite posting on the Kojima Productions Twitter account about how Death Stranding should be considered a new genre since “Action” and “RPG” don’t sound too forward thinking, Hideo Kojima told Digital Spy that it could be classified as an action game:

The player will be controlling Norman Reedus’ character and it will be an action game if you really want to put a genre on it. For example, when I made Metal Gear, it was an action game but it was different because the main thing was about hiding. People eventually ended up calling that ‘stealth action’. In this game the player will be controlling Norman but by playing it they will find something different, something that won’t fit in established terms.

In terms of Death Stranding’s development, they haven’t entered full production yet as Kojima Productions is still deciding which engine to use, but once they do pick one, “we will be in full production.” Kojima also revealed that the teaser is running in real-time and was made by Kojima Productions, “so people can trust us.”

Speaking with Game Informer, Kojima said one of the engines was used for the teaser trailer, and the concept of what Death Stranding’s world will look like is already determined:

We’re weighing our options for the engine. We are down to two candidates. One of the options was used to create this [trailer]. Because it’s a new game, we want to do many tests first. As far as the imagery and the concept of what the world will look like, it’s already settled. In between all of this, I’m trying to make the story and the characters and how it all comes together. We should settle on the engine soon, and at that point we’ll move from tests to full development.

Unlike PT for Silent Hills and Ground Zeroes for Metal Gear Solid V, Death Stranding probably won’t get a playable teaser, Kojima told Polygon:

It wouldn’t be fun at this point, so I don’t think that’s going to happen, because I want to do something new. But if I was to do that, I probably would try some different kind of approach.

When do you think Death Stranding will be released?

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