David Cage Divulges New Detroit: Become Human Details & Discusses VR

During a PlayStation LiveCast interview, David Cage divulged new details on Quantic Dream’s upcoming PlayStation 4 exclusive, Detroit: Become Human

Players will take on the role of multiple characters, all of whom are androids. Kara was the first playable character we were introduced to, followed by Connor, an android member of the police force. Cage hinted that “maybe there’s more” playable characters to be revealed in the future, and confirmed that “all characters can die.”

Speaking about the gameplay experience, Cage stated that Detroit uses a “more traditional interface… because [he] wants the challenge to be in the mind of the player, and not necessarily just on his thumbs.”

Giving his thoughts on virtual reality, Cage said that “when [he] first heard about it, he was kind of sceptical.” However, when he tried VR out, he “was really surprised by, especially, the sense of presence that you have.”

During the Sony E3 2016 conference, the Detroit: Become Human premiere trailer was shown, depicting the various choices players would have to make, and the impact of those decisions. 

What do you think of Detroit: Become Human? Are you ready for another David Cage roller coaster ride?