Rime Still in Development, Might Not Be a PS4-Exclusive Anymore

Hey, remember Rime? That quirky game unveiled in 2014 that looked kinda neat? While we haven’t heard much from it for quite some time, it’s developer, Tequila Works, has confirmed that it’s still in development. 

According to a spokesperson for the studio, Tequila is hard at work on the game, but also sorta confirmed that it’s no longer a PlayStation 4-exclusive — which has been hinted at before.

Rime is of course still in development, and advancing at a great pace – we actually had to move to a larger office recently, since the team has grown about 40% in the last year!

We know it has been a long time with no news, and we are just as eager to communicate about the game as media and fans are to receive news.

When asked whether the game is still a PS4-exclusive, the spokesperson can only say, “I can only confirm it is still coming out for PS4,” which seems to be an unofficial confirmation.

We’ll let you know once we know more about Rime. But in the meantime, go check out our awesome feature on why we’re hyped for it.

[Source: IBTimes]