Titanfall 2 Multiplayer Test Level Cap to Be Increased Next Week, New Map & Weapons Included

While this weekend’s Titanfall 2 multiplayer test offers us a glimpse at some of the classes, equipment and weapons that’ll be available in the final game, there is, understandably, a current level cap that prevents players from being able to access the other level items.

Over on Twitter, the official Respawn account confirmed to me that the Titanfall 2 multplayer test level cap will be increased next week (August 26-28)! Not only that, but a new map, new weapons will also roll out as well.

This is certainly good news for those who want to see what other equipment, weapons and stuff players will be able to play with in the final game, no? Personally, I’ve already maxed out the level cap since yesterday, and I gather, I must already be at level 11 or 12 at least if there wasn’t a level cap. One thing I do want to see is a new mode; preferably one that doesn’t necessitate us to get out of Titans to deposit money to net some score for our team. 

Are you enjoying Titanfall 2’s multiplayer so far? Don’t forget to check in this coming week for our exclusive interview with Respawn.

[Source: Respawn (Twitter)]