Berserk PS4 Western Release Will Have “Some Things” That Were Held Back From Japanese Version


It’s no secret by now that games get censored in different parts of the world for various reasons, in some games, things get added, while in others, stuff are taken out. For KOEI Tecmo’s Berserk, the western release will actually see stuff in-game that wasn’t in the Japanese version.

In an interview with PlayStation LifeStyle that’s set to hit the site soon, Prodoucer Hisashi Koinuma confirmed that KOEI Tecmo plans to “unlock” a few things that were censored in the Japanese version of Berserk.

PSLS: Berserk is known for its extreme combination of violence and sexual content. Will we see changes to the North American version of the game from the Japanese version? If so, what will change?

Hisashi : In the case of violent content, we plan to unlock some things in the Western version that we have held back on to meet restrictions in Japan.  As for the other elements, standards for ratings and regulations differ depending on the region so we are researching and proceeding carefully to not cross any boundaries while staying true to the source material.

In the same interview, Koinuma also revealed that a “character no one would expect” would be playable in Berserk. Stay tuned for our full interview with Hisashi Koinuma where we talk about all things Berserk.