Survival Shooter The Brookhaven Experiment Announced for PlayStation VR

A virtual reality survival shooter, The Brookhaven Experiment is coming to PlayStation VR, developer Phosphor Games announced today. A price and release date weren’t given for the PSVR version, but it did release on Steam back in July for $19.99 USD.

Project Lead Jarod Prannoc said they decided early on in development that the camera in The Brookhaven Experiement should be entirely controlled by the head-mounted display, to help eliminate disconnect and not disturb immersion. “Having a true first-person experience also meant that a lot of fancy graphical tricks we’d grown accustomed to that make games look like high-end movies, like lens flare, bloom and motion blur, had to be disabled — not only for performance, but because they’re things you don’t see with your eyes,” he later added. “Screen games can feel like watching a great movie, but VR games are about feeling like you are in the character.”

Phosphor Games also discovered that “tiny imperfections in the environment details like scale of objects, resolution of textures, etc., become extremely noticeable when you are perceiving these elements as though you were really in the room with them.”

In order to keep you focused on the core of The Brookhaven Experiment – shooting, explosions, and monsters scaring you – inventory management, including choice of gun, attachments, buffs, and throwables, is done between waves. The gun is also the primary UI controller, so all you have to do is shoot at the options.

Here’s a list of the key features for The Brookhaven Experiment:

  • Virtual Reality Shooter
  • Realistic Pistol Aiming/Firing
  • Weapon Item Upgrade Selection System
  • Survival Economy
  • Monster/Player Interaction
  • Situational Horror
  • Occasional Pants Wetting

What do you think of The Brookhaven Experiment?

[Source: PS Blog, Steam; Trailer is from the PC version]