Konami Says Cut Mission 51 Was Not the Ending for Metal Gear Solid V

When Metal Gear Solid V released last year, one major topic of contention other than Hideo Kojima’s odd departure was about the cut mission, Mission 51: Kingdom of the Flies. This mission was reportedly cut during development, but the mission’s cut scenes and boss battle were lumped into the Collector’s Edition bonus disc. Naturally, it raised numerous eyebrows and many players called Konami out for cutting a mission that appears to be part of the game’s ending. Now that the Definitive Experience for the game is official, fans are asking Konami once again about this mysterious mission.

Konami responded to most questions from the official Metal Gear Solid Twitter account.

Mission 51 is not complete, its development was cancelled prior to the initial release of The Phantom Pain

the ending isn’t and never has been missing, but this is a prequel game to Metal Gear (released 1987)

Mission 51 is additional story content that was cancelled before development finished, but its definitely not the ending

Many of the responding tweets still call to question the importance of Mission 51.

But if you were hoping for possibly additional DLC with a completed Mission 51, you are out of luck. Konami put that thought to an end.

Metal Gear Solid V: The Definitive Experience will release on October 11, 2016.

[Sources: Twitter via Metal Gear Informer]