Hello Games “Listening Carefully” to No Man’s Sky Feedback, Offers Developer Update

In a new developer update, Hello Games has said that although it’s been “inundated with feedback and discussion” about No Man’s Sky since its high-profile release, the team has been “listening carefully” to it regardless of the nature of comments. The game, which became somewhat of a controversial affair upon launch, has already gone through several updates but Hello Games is still focused on resolving issues before it moves on to “future free updates which will improve, expand and build on the No Man’s Sky universe,” according to a post on its website. The studio wrote:

Here’s what we’ve been busy with over the 2-3 weeks since release:

• A community/support management team has been brought on board.

• Support issues raised are been categorised by that team, and we are fixing them in order of priority.

• We’ve released 4 patches for PC and 4 patches for PS4.

• We’ve written up patch notes for all those patches. You can find them here.

Hello Games hasn’t yet explained what it has in mind for the free updates and how it intends to expand the game but Sean Murray has previously said that he’ll make the game “about other things” than just exploration and survival.

[Source: No Man’s Sky]