Uncharted Movie Removed From Sony’s Upcoming Release Schedule

The Uncharted movie was scheduled to release on June 30 next year but it looks like Sony Pictures needs additional time to complete the project. As spotted by comingsoon.net, the company quietly removed Uncharted from its upcoming release calendar this past Thursday. 

It doesn’t seem like bad news, however. Writer Joe Carnahan (Bad Boys 3) seems satisfied by how the opening scene is turning out in script form. According to his recent tweet, it’s “really, REALLY GOOD.” Carnahan, who was brought on board in July, said at the time that if scheduling had worked in his favor, he would have loved to direct the big-screen adaptation of Sony’s beloved video game franchise. “In a perfect world I would love to do both, but right now, I’m only on board to write the script,” he said.

Sony has yet to release a statement on this but we’ll update our readers if/when it does.

[Source: Comingsoon.net, Joe Carnahan (Twitter) via IGN]