Kojima: Death Stranding Includes An Open World, Some Online Elements

During Sony’s pre-Tokyo Game Show press conference yesterday, Hideo Kojima went on stage to confirm that Death Stranding will support 4K and HDR. Elsewhere in his presentation, he said the title of the game refers to “something from another world stranded in our world,” and the liquid appearing to fall from the letters in the Death Stranding logo are actually strands, as everything in the game is connected by strands.

Kojima didn’t go in-depth about Death Stranding, but he was able to confirm that it’s an action game, it features an open world with a degree of freedom where you can enjoy the story at the same time, and there are some online elements. After referencing how many action games use “clubs or rod elements” to attack each other or the CPU, Kojima added, “In Death Stranding, I want to propose the next step – the future of the game – here I am to offer a new game where players are connected by a strand or rope-like elements. Of course, clubs will still be used for battle, but at the end of the day, I want to offer an action game where people get connected with different elements than just clubs.”

With the Kojima Productions office chosen and game engine picked, Kojima says they can now focus on game creation. According to Eurogamer, they’ve heard whispers that Death Stranding will use the same engine as Media Molecule’s Dreams.

“We are an indie studio, and yet we want to prove that indie studios can actually create AAA world class masterpieces,” Kojima added.

[Source: PlayStation Japan, IGN, Eurogamer]