Respawn: Some Titanfall 2 Maps “Are Very Heavily Focused in Chaining Wall Runs Together”

Liked the maps Respawn rolled out during the Titanfall 2 tech test? No? Didn’t think they offered enough spots for chaining wallruns, bunny-hopping? If so, you might not be the only one. 

Even in our a top five video (which you can watch above) where we outline the changes we want Respawn to make in Titanfall 2’s final version, we touched on how the maps we were able to play on didn’t really exactly put the focus on wallrunning, movement and so on. 

At this year’s TGS, PlayStation LifeStyle had the chance to speak to Respawn’s Art Director Joel Emslie, and Chief Operating Officer Dusty Welch, and one of the things we asked about are the maps

PlayStation LifeStyle: Why do maps like Homestead offer less wall-running? Was this a conscious decision to offer different play styles, or just sort of a coincidence and how that map ended up? 
Dusty Welch: I think first, people haven’t seen this, but we offer a wide variety of maps that accommodate different play styles. Some of them are very heavily focused in chaining wall runs together and playing that way. You’ll see those pretty soon. Maps we showed in the tech test were shown for different purposes — for testing out different gameplay elements.

Joel Emslie: Yeah, the designer that did Homestead, Jeff Smith, he’s responsible for some of the best multiplayer maps in the industry. He was on [Call of Duty 4] with us he did Crash and Backlot and a lot of really killer multiplayer maps. I think he was really focused on each environment having its own identity and how a Titan would play on that map, with a pilot.

You’ll see maps that are more focused on Titan play and others that are heavy on wallrunning. But it’s really… it’s in an effort to create a group of maps where you’re not always doing the exact same thing. You learn the maps and use different tactical abilities and Titans to take advantage of those maps.

Respawn’s statement of “it’s in an effort to create a group of maps where you’re not always doing the exact same thing” does make sense, no? This means we’ll have maps more suited for wallrunning, some for Titan battles and son. Let’s just hope they show the maps that focus on Pilot movements soon. In any case, don’t forget that all upcoming modes and maps for Titanfall 2 will be free, so it shouldn’t be that big of an issue.

In the same interview, Respawn heavily hinted that fan-favorite game mode, Attrition, will be back for Titanfall 2.

Check back later this week for our full interview with Respawn where we talk about all things Titanfall 2 multiplayer.