Report: Sony Has Started PS4 Pro Production

It’s being reported that Foxconn Electronics and Pegatron both have started production of the PlayStation 4 Pro. Foxconn is apparently doing double-duty, as they have allegedly taken on trial production of the Nintendo NX as well. The Nintendo NX is Nintendo’s upcoming and yet unnamed console reportedly releasing in 2017. 

In the past, Foxconn and Pegatron equally split the OEM (original equipment manufacturer) production of PlayStation consoles. However, Pegatron became responsible for 70% of the company’s console production in 2016. It’s a good thing that Pegatron has taken over most of the production output, as Foxconn is the largest OEM for Nintendo NX. Misumi Electronics and Hosiden in Japan pick up the rest of the NX production for Nintendo. Sources have claimed that Nintendo expects the annual production of the NX to be between 9.5 and 10 million units. No sources have come forward to suggest what Sony expects for annual production with the PS4 Pro.

Both Foxconn and Pegatron production plants will increase the shipments of the PS4 Pro consoles in October and November to meet what they expect to be peak demand before the end of the year.

The PS4 Pro will release on November 10, 2016. Have you pre-ordered your PS4 Pro?

[Source: DigiTimes]