Symphony of the Machine Launching in Q1 2017 for PlayStation VR

Stirfire Studios announced today that Symphony of the Machine, a VR puzzle game, is coming to PlayStation VR and HTC Vive in early 2017.

After waking up in a lifeless sun-scorched desert, you head to a strange tower in the distance, which can be used to control the weather and restore life to the post-apocalyptic world. This is done by directing the tower’s beam of light towards different glyphs, causing the area’s weather to change from conditions like extreme heat to thunderstorms.

Stirfire didn’t say if Symphony of the Machine supports PlayStation Move controllers, but you will be using motion controls:

Light can be directed and manipulated with tools positioned via motion controls, making Symphony of the Machine’s puzzle solving as physically immersive as it is mentally stimulating. Some solutions may require a simple bend of the beam, while others call for more critical thinking involving splitting and filtering light to achieve the desired elements.

Symphony of the Machine won’t interrupt you with narration or text, and the universe is ambiguous. However, the tower and its surrounding terrain will provide clues of the events that led to the desolation of a once thriving ecosystem.

Stirfire’s Vee Pendergrast said, “Puzzle solving is often thought of as stressful or frustrating, but every decision we’ve made nurtures a meditative ambience. Symphony of the Machine encourages players to relax and experiment with their surroundings as they breathe new life into a fragile planet.”