God of War Designed for Standard PS4, Won’t Have a Demo

October 13, 2016Written by Tyler Treese

God of War PS4

One of the biggest reveals at E3 2016 was God of War on PlayStation 4. The latest game in Sony Santa Monica’s action series wowed gamers with impressive visuals, a new emphasis on storytelling, and revamped gameplay. The developer has been mostly mum since then, as they’ve been hard at work on the PS4 exclusive.

Now a few interesting tidbits have surfaced from Sony Santa Monica’s Cory Barlog. The first of which is about a possible demo for the game. When asked by a fan about a demo, Barlog revealed on his Twitter account that they were working hard on the game, and that there wouldn’t be a demo due to it.

That might be a bummer for some fans who were looking forward to checking out the game early, but there’s a good reason. “[The] game [will] be better the fewer demos we do,” explained Barlog. “Demos pull a month or two away from final game.” So, all things considered, it’s probably best that a demo isn’t made, unless gamers want to wait a few extra months to play Kratos’ triumphant return.

Balrog also told another fan that God of War is “designed for [the] standard PS4” and that the E3 gameplay was running on a regular PS4. That puts to rest speculation that it was actually running on a PlayStation 4 Pro, which was believable considering how incredible the game looked. Good news for regular PS4 owners then!

God of War doesn’t currently have a release date, but is expected to release exclusively on PlayStation 4.

(Source: Twitter via Techno Aisle)