Red Barrels Shares Original Outlast Sales Figures, Talks About the Ending

Found the first Outlast scary? Thought it was a good game? Yeah, you’re not alone — and thankfully, millions did so as well.

In an exclusive chat with PlayStation LifeStyle set to go up later this week, Red Barrels President Philippe Morin shared the Outlast sales figures (bear in mind that it was part of the PS+ lineup as well).

PlayStation LifeStyle: How many units did the first Outlast did collectively across all platforms? Was it the number Red Barrels expected?

Philippe Morin: It’s over 4 million units and it’s more than we ever dreamed of.

In the same interview, we asked about the original Outlast’s ending, which some people (including me!) thought was the game’s weak point given how strong the rest of the game was.

PSLS: A handful of players took issue with the game’s (Outlast) ending. Is this something you’ve taken on board with Outlast 2? How do you go about wrapping up a horror story in a way that feels satisfying?

Morin: I think the main issue with the ending was that we simply ran out of time to stage it well.  It was a tricky ending to pull off and it should have been tackled a lot sooner in development.

Given how Outlast 2 will be out simultaneously on the PS4, Xbox One and PC — and given that it’s a familiar franchise — hitting over four million copies sold should be a relatively easy task, right? Don’t forget you can download the demo of it now on PS4 just to get a taste of the horror that awaits once the full game is out in early 2017.

Stay tuned to our full interview set to go up later this week.