Vita RPG SaGa: Scarlet Grace Gets Colorful Special Hardware

October 24, 2016Written by Heath Hindman

SaGa Scarlet Grace 555x328

Square Enix is teaming up with Sony to give the Vita-exclusive RPG SaGa: Scarlet Grace some special edition hardware when it launches in Japan on Dec. 15. As shown in the gallery below, three colors and designs will be available, and the pack will sell for 20,980 yen plus tax (after tax and converted to USD, you’re looking at about $226). Included are the game, the Vita system, the requisite charging and USB cables, and an original Vita theme.

SaGa: Scaret Grace is not currently announced for western release, but fans of games like SaGa Frontier might want to keep their eyes on it, because it has a lot in common with that game, among other SaGa titles. It tells a non-linear tale that begins with players choosing which of the four protagonists they’ll handle, then going through that character’s story.

World travel is said to much what SaGa veterans would expect, with possibilities wide open from the start. As if this couldn’t get any more SaGa than it already was, any character can equip any weapon. Yeah. We’ll keep you posted about foreign release dates, if any get announced.