Drool Talks Thumper PS4 Pro Support, PSVR Drift Issues

One of PlayStation VR’s best launch titles was Thumper, a rhythm game by two ex-Harmonix employees under the name Drool. Both members of Drool recently did an Ask Me Anything on Reddit, and ended up talking about a wide range of topics including PS4 Pro. We’ve highlighted a few parts of the interview, but the entire thread is worth checking out.

Drool co-founder Marc Flury discussed how PS4 Pro will add to the Thumper experience:

It was fun adding Pro support to our game. It has enough oomph for us to do native 4K in “traditional” mode. One of the challenges of high quality VR rendering is compensating for the image distortion (it leads to pixelation and aliasing issues). On Pro, our VR mode renders at a higher resolution (increased supersampling) and we bumped up the MSAA quality. It’s still the same game, just an upgraded presentation.

Flury also discussed the “drift” issue that PlayStation VR players have been experiencing where the image starts to move to the left while playing. “Unfortunately, we never really saw this issue in the all the playtesting we did,” explained Flury. “We have contacted Sony and I don’t think they have an official recommendation yet, but I think one way to mitigate the problem is to play closer to the PS camera.”

If that workaround isn’t enough, Drool is also going to address it in an upcoming patch. “Right now, when you hold the OPTIONS button in our game, only the tracking position is reset. We plan on making it so your tracking orientation is reset as well. That should at least make it easier to compensate for the issue.”

(Source: Reddit via Power Up Gaming)