Detroit: Become Human is More Complex Than Anything Quantic Dream Has Done Before

Quantic Dream’s David Cage has said that his upcoming title, Detroit: Become Human, is the most complex game that he has worked on. In an interview with Games Industry, he also revealed that he’s just finished writing its script.

I’ve just finished the script for Detroit. It took me more than two years, and that’s working around six days a week. It’s probably 20 times more complex than anything we’ve ever done. It’s a lot for one brain to handle.

Fortunately, I have a very talented team helping me keep track of the branches and finding good ideas for each one. When it’s just one brain, you can only have so many good ideas in one day.

While Quantic Dream’s previous titles have included work from celebrities such as Ellen Page and Willem Dafoe, Cage says that he has “never looked for a face” for his game. Instead, he looks for “creative relationship and talent” to make his games better, and considers himself fortunate to have worked with people like David Bowie despite not specifically looking for someone to appear on covers.

I’ve worked with actors that were not famous at all but had the talent, and I had exactly the same pleasure working with them. I don’t think the gaming audience puts a lot of value on a recognisable face, either. There’s a long tradition in this industry where if a game isn’t too good, companies put a Hollywood face on it to make it better. I don’t think anyone does that anymore because we all know that doesn’t work.

Detroit: Become Human is exclusively releasing for the PlayStation 4. A release date or window has not been revealed.

[Source: Games Industry]