Classic Mode Is on Battlefield 1’s “To Do List”

DICE producer Ali Hassoon often communicates with fans through social media, and due to this we now have some new details on when several modes are coming to Battlefield 1. One fan asked the DICE employee if a classic mode would be added to the first-person shooter, and the response he received was very positive. “I love it too,” responded Hassoon. “It’s coming down the line. It’s on our to do list.”

While details are still scarce, the fan linked to a forum thread discussing what a classic mode would contain. Fans want a mode with 100% health without regeneration, and features such as the kill camera disabled. This is different from another fan request, which is a hardcore mode, as it still has a HUD and players can take the regular amount of damage.

Speaking of the planned hardcore mode, Hassoon also discussed that with several fans. He revealed that while health would stay at 100%, bullet damage would be set to 200% (although did specify that the percentage might change by the time it is finalized). He also said that while he doesn’t have a date on when it would be added, that he believes the mode is “coming sooner than you think!”

That’s great news to hear for Battlefield 1 fans, as clearly the studio is listening to feedback from players. That can already be seen, as they are soon changing the way the game’s Squad Leader assignments operate, as players will get replaced if they aren’t issuing orders.

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(Source: Twitter via WCCF Tech)