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Todd Howard Wary of Setting Expectations With The Elder Scrolls VI

Coming off the back of Skyrim Special Edition, one big question that’s so often directed at Bethesda is in relation to the future of The Elder Scrolls series.

Alas, as Studio Director and Executive Producer Todd Howard has conceded in the past, that’s not a question the developer is prepared to answer right now, as the tentatively titled Elder Scrolls 6 is not “what you would call a big, active project.” Speaking in a recent interview with Glixel, Howard once again touched base on the status of the next installment, and why he’s wary of setting expectations ahead of time.

You’re making a new Elder Scrolls game, but you’re not going to tell us when. We’ll probably see other games first?

“It’s not what you would call a big, active project right now. There are some other ones that we have going. We know it’s important to our fans, and we need to be careful about setting expectations. It’s certainly a game that we’ll be making one day. I could sit here and explain to you exactly what we want it to be.”

The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim Special Edition is out now on PS4. Tell us, what are your early hopes for The Elder Scrolls 6?

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