Amnesia Collection Already Turning a Profit For Frictional Games

Frictional Games recently released the Amnesia: Collection on PS4 earlier this week (November 22 if you’re keeping track). This horror game compilation featured three titles: Amnesia: The Dark Descent (its DLC Justine) and Amnesia: A Machine for Pigs. Priced at $29.99 (although there was a 10% discount for PS+ members), the game has already been a success for the Swedish developer.

The minds behind SOMA went to Twitter to report how well the game has done. “Good news,” the developer wrote. “After just two days of sales, Amnesia Collection for PS4 has recouped all costs [and] more!” It’s certainly great to see a game finding profitability so quickly, and hopefully the success for Frictional Games will lead to more PC games to receive console ports. Not all games can be this successful, but it should get some other developers on the fence to give it a try.

It also should give hope to those that hoped that Frictional Games’ Penumbra trilogy of horror titles (Overture, Black Plague, and Requiem) would make the jump to PlayStation 4. There’s clearly a market for these horror titles on the PlayStation Store, so we might see Frictional Games port them over as well now that they know the demand is there.

For more on the Amnesia Collection check out Chandler’s review. PlayStation LifeStyle’s Chandler Wood said that the series was influential and “many newer horror games owe their own scares to.” He concluded that the collection was a “time capsule of horror that will prey on your mind, [and] a fine collection for anyone who missed it on PC.”

(Source: Frictional Games)