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Dragon Quest Builders Director Addresses Sequel Chatter

The Dragon Quest franchise enjoyed a fairly big splash at the annual PlayStation Awards, where Dragon Quest Heroes II collected the Gold Prize accolade to recognize its 500,000 sales across Japan and Asia.

Not only that, but the Minecraft-inspired Dragon Quest Builders won the Gold Prize and Users Choice Prize at the ceremony, leading Square Enix Director Kazuya Niinou and Producer Noriyoshi Fujimoto to speak briefly about their mysterious new project — Dragon Quest Builders 2, perhaps? First reported by Games Talk and relayed by Gematsu, Fujimoto-san acknowledges the demand for a sequel.

Producer Noriyoshi Fujimoto: “We really heard a lot from the fans, such as good points, things they want improved, and we really heard a lot of ‘we want you to make a sequel!’ As part of the Dragon Quest series, I want to live up to the fans’ expectations, but what kind of thoughts do you have about that, Niinou-san? (Laughs.)”

Director Kazuya Niinou: “…There are a lot of things I can’t say unless Fujimoto-san says it, but since we received this selection, I think we have to return the favor with a good game, and I want to work hard to for the time being to live up to your expectations.”

On the other hand, Koei Tecmo Games Director Tomohiko Sho spoke a little regarding the possibility of Dragon Quest Heroes III.

Tomohiko Sho: “I think we were able to get this result by having fun making the game, including development. (While sending a look to Square Enix producer Ryota Aomi) From here on as well… I accidentally said “from here on” but… well… it’s best if I didn’t say.”

What do our readers think the future holds for the DQ franchise?

[Source: Games Talk via Gematsu]