Final Fantasy XV Voice Actor Says “Nothing Truly Significant” Was Cut From the Game

Ray Chase, who voiced Noctis in Final Fantasy XV, said during a Reddit AMA session that “nothing truly significant” that the voice actors recorded was cut from the final game. In response to a question about the game feeling “incomplete” to some and there being speculation about content being cut, Chase said that changes can take place on any project over time – be it a film or a video game.

Square is really an incredible company in the sense that they have the confidence to show off things they are still working on – the nuts and bolts of the process and are open about mistakes made and listening to fan feedback.

What naturally comes with being open about the process is that things change over time – on any game project or film – and because Square lets you behind the curtain as it were, you see things that might not be in the final product.

With a game that has two distinct directors and a changing of the guard halfway through, you will inevitably see things shift. This was a PS3 game at the start and part of the FNC series – these are significant changes!

So while many decry that things were not as they imagined from the first trailers, I feel that they are not realizing how fortunate they are to have a peek at the process of game design, that no other film studio or game studio I know of does. I watched every ATR and loved how open TBT was about fan feedback and faults in the gameplay they worked on. You only know what you’re missing if you get to see it in the first place.

As far as I know, nothing truly significant that we recorded was cut from the game, however we only record after the Japanese cast records, so we’re usually far at the end of the dev cycle. I feel personally there should be more cut-scenes during some chapters, for example, Jared’s story flew by most people without much context, but I feel Square will be good on their word about filling in the gaps. Here’s hoping!

And that’s straight from the horse’s mouth!

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[Source: Reddit]