Sony Has “Numerous Unannounced Titles in Production,” Shuhei Yoshida Teases

Just like 4Gamer, Famitsu and Dengeki spoke with Japanese creators and developers (translated by Siliconera), asking them about their ambitions for 2017. One of the people interviewed was Sony Worldwide Studios President Shuhei Yoshida, who teased that they have multiple titles in development:

We have numerous unannounced titles in production. Please look forward to their announcements.

Gravity Rush director Keiichiro Toyama, meanwhile, said he’ll “immediately begin work on a new title” after Gravity Rush 2 ships this month.

Both Yoshida and Toyama were interviewed by 4Gamer last month, with Shuhei saying he hopes 2017 is a year that delivers amazing software on PlayStation 4 and PlayStation VR.

Elsewhere in the Famitsu and Dengeki interviews, Atlus’s Kazuyuki Yamai said, “I’m working hard on plans for Shin Megami Tensei’s 25th anniversary. The new title is a secret for just a little longer.”

Level-5’s Akihiro Hino talked about how they’re working on their first VR title. “We’ve yet to decide what kind of title it’ll be, but I hope to make it into something that will bring plenty of VR enjoyment for the players,” he said.

Square Enix’s Ryota Aomi and Takamasa Shiba both revealed that they’re working on unannounced games, and Final Fantasy XV Game Director Hajime Tabata added, “I’m in the middle of working on Final Fantasy XV’s update. I’m also taking on the challenge of a great expansion that hasn’t been made public yet.”

[Source: Famitsu, Dengeki via Hachima, Siliconera]