Leak Reveals For Honor Season Pass Details

Whoops! Ubisoft accidentally updated their own Ubisoft Store with information they didn’t want going public, as they revealed was was in the For Honor Season Pass. The information, which is now off of the site, was displayed on the game’s Gold Edition pre-order page according to Reddit. While it may no longer be up, that doesn’t mean that the information wasn’t preserved. Some smart souls took a screenshot of what Ubisoft isn’t ready to announce.

Here’s what the image (which you can see archived on Imgur) had to say about the For Honor Season Pass:

  • Six All-New Warriors (plus one week early access)
  • Day One War Pack
    • Exclusive Sunbeam Emote (that works with all 12 warriors)
    • 3 Scavenger Crates
    • Exclusive Emblem
    • 30-day Champion Status
  • Plus additional all new content

That’s not exactly the most detailed listing (you really can’t get more vague than “additional all new content”), but we’ll take what we can get about the game. Expect an official announcement from Ubisoft sooner rather than later, as the game is set to release next month. So, we should learn what these goodies all mean in due time.

PlayStation LifeStyle was able to go hands-on with Ubisoft’s upcoming game at PAX West last year. Here’s what our own Keri Honea had to say about the action title in her preview:

Teamwork is crucial for a successful match, with everyone talking to one another. If everyone runs in to kill everything in sight, the match will end quickly. Players have to guard control zones after conquering them, and players have to work together to coordinate controlling various fronts and keeping the enemy at bay. With our first match, we didn’t speak at all and we were obliterated. When we started to talk to one another and realize we all had unique roles to play on the battlefield, the matches went far more smoothly.

For Honor is set to release on Valentine’s Day, February 14, 2017 for PC, Xbox One and PlayStation 4.

(Source: Reddit)