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This The Last of Us Fan Made Live-Action Movie Is Something You Really Need to Watch

While there’s been quite a few The Last of Us live-action fan made films, this one is made by the same people (Pocketsquare) behind The Last of UsAlone,” which is just friggin’ fantastic considering it’s a fan made project.

Well, prepare for another dose of awesomeness as the Pocketsquare crew is back! This latest The Last of Us fan movie is titled “No Escape,” and is once again a quality production. Don’t believe me? Go watch the 13-minute live-action short film to see for yourself. You can check out the cast and crew as well as Pocketsquare’s contact info below.



Written and Directed by: Carl Zhang

Produced by: Jon P

Lead SFX Makeup Artist: Jing Hui Yeo

Assistant SFX Makeup Artists: Rachael Lyne

Jess Walker

Additional Makeup Artist: Nikki Charters


Alex Rendall ([email protected])

Mindy Fyfe ([email protected])

Miguel Feliciano

David Lam

Kym Wangeman

Gonzalo Ortiz

Michael Redfearn

James Polidoras

Armando Ortiz

Special Thanks:

Jo Ortiz

Emilio Ortiz

Elisha Ortiz

Kelly McKenzie

If you want to see more stuff from Pocketsquare, go check out their YouTube channel.

Not bad, no? With The Last of Us Part II already announced, I’d wager this isn’t the crew’s last fan made project that’s about The Last of Us.

[Source: Pocketsquare (YouTube)]