Nioh Update 1.01 Is 88MB, Video Shows the First 17 Minutes

According to a player who got their hands on an early copy, the day one Nioh update is just 88MB. There aren’t any official patch notes published yet, and the PlayStation 4’s Update History only says 1.01 “fixes various bugs.”

In the above video, you can watch 37 minutes of PlayStation 4 Pro gameplay in Action Mode from PlayStation Underground. Below, you can see the opening movie from Koei Tecmo Japan and the first 17 minutes from IGN:

If you pre-ordered Nioh through the PlayStation Store, pre-loading is now live in North America and Europe, and the file size is around 36.6GB.

On PS4 Pro, Nioh has multiple gameplay modes, letting you choose between 2160p/30fps, 1080p/60fps, and 1080p with high-quality anti-aliasing at 30 frames-per-second. On PS4, you can choose between 30fps, 60fps, or a variable frame-rate that may go over 30fps.

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