Conan Exiles PS4 Version Coming After PC and Xbox One

While Conan Exiles has just come out on PC through Steam Early Access, PlayStation 4 users might have to wait awhile before they get to play the latest open world/survival title in the market as, according to a new interview with developer and publisher Funcom, the game will first come out on the PC and Xbox One before the PS4.

Speaking to wccftech, the publisher/developer notes that their current focus is on the PC and Xbox versions of the game although a PlayStation 4 version is within their current plans. The publisher/developer also noted that while the upcoming Nintendo Switch looks interesting, it currently has no plans on releasing a version of the game for it.

In Conan Exiles, which is built on Unreal Engine 4 and set in the world of Conan the Barbarian, players can explore ruins seeking treasure and resources, craft tools and weapons, build settlements and cities, enslave criminals to join your cause, and even summon gods to fight for you. The game can currently be played in single-player or multiplayer on either private or public servers.

[Source: Wccftech]