Phil Spencer Says Gaming Isn’t a “Race Between Two Consoles”

One day after telling gamers to “celebrate” the fact that so many good games are shipping across consoles (including Horizon Zero Dawn), Phil Spencer talked to fans that are worried about the Xbox brand’s current state. “Gaming [is] not a race between two consoles,” Spencer responded to one such user who was worried about the Xbox One trailing PlayStation 4 sales. “Good games aren’t weapons [versus other platforms], we work to make [Xbox and Windows 10] great places [to] play.”

Phil then clarified the statement by saying that his view has “nothing to do” with the company’s current share on the marketplace. He stated that “gaming has a much bigger opportunity than [a] two console battle,” and that creating great games is a critical part of that. Spencer believes that Xbox’s PC work is already paying off as games like Fallout Shelter are already coming to the console thanks to the Universal Windows Platform.

These views are consistent with past statements from Spencer, who has constantly praised the work of great developers no matter what system they are currently developing for. While it’s easy to get caught up in the unprecedented success of the PlayStation 4, the Xbox One has not been a disaster of a console for Microsoft. The system has sold well, especially since the launch of the Xbox One S. In another tweet, Spencer said that Xbox is having its best generation yet, and while there is clearly room to improve he’s “proud of where of where we are.”

Hopefully Spencer’s comments will rub off on gamers, as everybody loses when console fans bicker about superiority.

(Source: Twitter via Gamespot)