Dragon Ball Xenoverse 2 Update Today Adds New Costumes & Expert Missions

Weighing in at 570MB (at least on PC), a new Dragon Ball Xenoverse 2 update is available to download on PlayStation 4, Xbox One, and PC. As Bandai Namco details in the patch notes, you’ll find some new Expert Missions, five new attacks, new rules for the Tenkaichi Tournament, and more:

  • Zangya & Bido Costumes
  • Android 15’s Clothes and Metal Cooler’s Suit
  • 2 New Expert Missions: Broly and Janemba
  • 5 New Attacks: Jumping Energy Wave, Menacing Flare, Focus Flash, Wild Hunt and Tail Slicer

New Rules for the Tenkaichi Tournament

  • Character Tenkaichi: All players will have to fight with the same one character, such as “Goku Tenkaichi”, “Yamcha Tenakichi” or “Pan Tenkaichi”
  • Group Tenkaichi: For example the “GT Cup” where players can only choose GT characters.
  • Tenkaichi Tournament Prize: Tournament Jersey

Today’s update also preps for the Dragon Ball Super Pack 2 DLC, which is releasing tomorrow, February 28. It includes new characters, new story content, a new stage, and more:

  • Two new playable characters: Champa and Vados
  • New story content: The history has been altered! The God of Destruction Champa approaches Conton City!
  • New stage: Unnamed Planet
  • 8 new attacks: God of Destruction’s Menace , God of Destruction’s Roar, Destruction’s Concerto: Comet, Destruction’s Concerto: Starfall, Destruction’s Concerto: Meteor, Destruction’s Conductor, Requiem of Destruction and Sonic Bomb
  • Three new costumes: Android13’s clothes , Android14’s clothes, Fused 13’s clothes
  • Five new Super Souls: Champa’s Super Soul, Vados’ Super Soul, Vegeta’s Super Soul, Super Buu’s Super Soul, Piccolo’s Super Soul
  • One new vehicle: Space Pod
  • New emotes: Beerus’s glare, Zen-Ou Jump

Season Pass owners will be able to download the Dragon Ball Super Pack 2 DLC for free, while everyone else will likely have to pay $9.99 USD. The Season Pass is priced at $29.99 USD and includes access to four content packs.

If you prefer free DLC, the Masters Pack and Steve Aoki Pack are available through the PlayStation Store.

[Source: Bandai Namco, Dragon Ball, Reddit]