Overwatch Director Says a Campaign Would Be “Phenomenal” But a “Game Unto Itself”

Overwatch director, Jeff Kaplan, has said that a campaign for its multiplayer shooter would be “phenomenal” but it’s not something that can simply be patched in. During a recent interview with International Business Times, he explained:

I think something that’s challenging about Overwatch is that it was designed to be a six vs six action shooter. That’s the whole core, that’s the essence of what Overwatch is.

A campaign would be phenomenal, I think a lot of us can see what that might be like in our engine and in our game. The reality is, and I know it’s not the sexiest answer or the one fans necessarily want to hear, but making an entire campaign is the same effort as making an entire game. It’s not just a feature that we can patch in some day.

Kaplan went on to say that a full campaign is “probably a game unto itself” given that people expect high quality and polish, and it’d warrant a full development cycle.

[Source: IBTimes]