Original Nier Is Being Reprinted in Europe

With the success of Nier: Automata in both reviews (read our review here) and sales with the game recently selling over one million copies, the curiosity for the series has expectedly risen. And it looks like it has risen enough that the original Nier for the PlayStation 3 is being reprinted in Europe and is now up for pre-order on the European Square Enix store, a listing spotted by Redditor lupianwolf.

The re-printed copies of Nier will cost £24.99 and it looks like only the PS3 version of the game will be released (the game was also released on the Xbox 360). The listing doesn’t mention when the copies will officially go on sale and begin shipping but, as of this writing, the listing is already labeled as “Waiting List” so pre-orders are already closed for now.

Nier was originally released back in 2010 and was met with very polarizing reviews. The game eventually became a cult classic and built a very loyal following, which is actually what prompted the game’s producer to attempt to make a sequel that would eventually become Nier: Automata.

No word yet on whether the game will also be reprinted in other territories such as the US or Asia.

[Source: Square Enix Online Store (EU) via VG247]