DICE: Main Thing We Wanted to Add in Star Wars Battlefront II “Was Depth”

While the Star Wars Battlefront game released in 2015 by EA was in no way a bad game, some gamers felt there was more DICE could have made to make it more “meaty.” Obviously, the shooter lacking a full single-player campaign added to this complaint, but even the multiplayer component, which was the bread and butter mode of the title, could have used a bit more content.

This sentiment hasn’t gone past DICE’s heads, thankfully. In an exclusive interview with PlayStation LifeStyle set to go up tomorrow, we asked DICE Creative Director Bernd Diemer, Motive Studios’ Content Producer Paola Jouyaux, and Lucasfilm’s Douglas Reilly about all things Star Wars Battlefront II. One of the things we touched asked was what did they think was missing in the first Battlefront that they wanted added in the sequel.

PlayStation LifeStyle: Conversely, what do you feel was maybe missing from the first game that you wanted to add to Battlefront II?

Bernd Diemer: On the gameplay side, we said, “Okay, we have the core gameplay…we’ve got it nailed.” There are things we need to improve and we want to build on, but the main thing we wanted to add was depth. Give more reasons to stick around, try out different heroes, try out different trooper types, and that’s why we introduced classes. There’s a little bit more variety in the team-play, not everybody is the same, and you can now form your own squad if that is your thing.

Can’t say I disagree. Battlefront’s gunplay and action were up to par with DICE’s previous games, but the depth side was a bit lacking. Hopefully, that won’t be an issue in Battlefront II.

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