NBA Playgrounds Leaked on PSN Store, Not the Final Version Confirmed

If you  frequent video game forum NeoGAF (as I do), then you might have seen that an error on the PlayStation Store made Saber Interactive’s NBA Playgrounds a free download. I can confirm first-hand that this indeed worked, and you were then promoted to download a 7GB file. As is the case with these things, the download link now doesn’t work anymore and it has since been pulled.

Now, if you’ve played it, and thought there were some gameplay issues and wondered if this is the final state of the game when it launches this May 9, then that’s a fortunate “no.” I’ve reached out to the PR firm handling NBA Playgrounds and they’ve provided this statement:

Earlier today, a beta version of NBA Playgrounds was accidentally made free to download on PS4 before quickly being taken down. For those that were able to download and play the game during this window, we hope you had fun! But please keep in mind this unfinished build of the game existed solely for the purposes of testing online play and is not fully representative of the final product scheduled for an official release on May 9.

While that doesn’t guarantee that the arcade basketball game will be any good, it’s at least a comfort to know that whatever hitches were there was the result of it not being the final build.

Stay tuned to our NBA Playgrounds review hitting the site soon.

[Source: NeoGAF]